Why Do You Need a GPS Tracker for Your Car?

Why Do You Need a GPS Tracker for Your Car?

Why Do You Need a GPS Tracker for Your Car?

Keeping your car and other assets safe can be a challenge. Whether you are concerned about a single auto for personal use or you operate a business and need fleet tracking, it is a big job. Investing in a top-notch GPS tracking device can make your life easier and your car safer.

There are many reasons to get a GPS tracker for your car. The top reasons include,

  • A GPS car tracker can give you a wealth of helpful information that can keep you up to date with maintenance as well as monitor your fuel costs.
  • Using it as an anti-theft GPS tracker is one of the most frequently cited reasons for installing the device.
  • A car GPS can provide access to help in an emergency. In many cases, the tracker can be programmed to send alert messages even if you are unconscious.
  • Equipping your vehicle with a GPS tracking device is a smart way to protect an essential item in which you have invested your hard-earned money.

Types of GPS Car Trackers

When you are looking at GPS car trackers, you will need to choose between a hardwired type and a tracker that runs on batteries. Both kinds of trackers work well on cars.

The main differences between them are:

  • Battery-operated units are easy to install, but the downside is if discovered, the unit can be removed and discarded. This will make the recovery of your asset difficult.
  • A hardwired tracker requires a professional to install. However, it is much harder to remove, and this enhances your overall protection.

The Benefits of Car GPS Tracking for Your Business

Many small to medium-sized businesses mistakenly believe that GPS tracking devices are for companies with large fleets of vehicles. Whether you have a handful of autos or dozens, the assets are worth protecting.

Here are a few reasons you should consider getting a GPS tracking device to protect your assets.

  • Know the location of your assets -Tracking your cars in real-time can give you a sense of relief, knowing everything is in order. This will also improve your productivity by ensuring your drivers follow the best routes. You will have help with customer service because you have your car’s exact location and can predict arrivals.
  • Receive emergency information immediately – By getting instant alerts of problems, you can take the necessary steps to reduce losses and damage. Because you can link alerts to law enforcement, you can count on fast response times. This will keep your employees safer and help protect vehicles.
  • Get reports about vehicle maintenance – It is a challenge to remember things like tyre rotations and oil changes as you are busy running your company. If you have GPS devices on your cars, you can get reports to keep your maintenance up to date.
  • Provides employee activity tracking – While you need to have a degree of trust in your employees, you should not turn a blind eye to inappropriate, dangerous, or unlawful activity. A GPS tracker will keep you updated regarding speed, fuel consumption, and the vehicle’s location at all times. The information is valuable to see if your employees need more training before going on the road with your autos.

Benefits of Fleet Management Tracking and Software

The Benefits of Personal Car GPS Tracking

Keeping your personal use cars safe and protected is an excellent decision. Many businesspeople choose GPS trackers on their cars after they see the performance of tracking devices they have installed on business vehicles. In addition to the many benefits tracking devices have for company cars, here are some ways the devices protect personal vehicles.

  • Track your car – If more than one person has access to your car, tracking it can give you peace of mind when you look out your door and the car is not where you put it. This feature also saves embarrassment if you report your car missing and then find out your spouse or teenage child borrowed it.
  • Find a missing car – If your vehicle is taken, having a tracking device will give the authorities an edge when searching for it. By integrating the software, your tracking device can alert the police and make it possible to retrieve your car and occasionally catch the thieves in the act of their crime.
  • Indirectly supervise young drivers – While most young drivers believe they know all they need and can handle any situation, parents know there are times when a teen can be out of their depth and in trouble. Using a GPS tracking device can help keep young drivers safe because they know the device will report their actions and location.
  • Emergencies – A tracking device is beneficial if you experience an accident or mechanical troubles.
    Potentially lower insurance rates- Many insurers will offer a discount if you protect your car with a GPS car tracking system.

Insurance Savings

While saving money by getting a car GPS may not be the first thought to your mind, many insurance companies will reward you for installing a tracking device. Not only will such a device make recovering your car fast and easy, but with nearly instantaneous service to local law enforcement, thieves can be caught in the act. This helps prosecute criminals as well as protect your car from damages.

If you would like to learn more about GPS car trackers, please reach out to QuikTrak. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and would be happy to help you find the tracking device that fits your needs.

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