What is Fleet Vehicle Tracking?

What is Fleet Vehicle Tracking?

What is Fleet Vehicle Tracking?

Fleet vehicle tracking is an easy-to-use, high-tech approach to managing your company’s trucks, heavy equipment, cars, and other valuable assets that are usually on the move.

A fleet tracker uses global positioning systems (GPS) and fleet management software to track the location of company vehicles. Depending on how your fleet management software is configured, you can collect significant data regarding drivers’ behaviour, vehicle performance, speed, and other valuable facts. You can choose how you receive the data as well as the frequency.

Companies find the fleet tracking system vastly superior to attempting to stay in contact via cellular devices. The GPS fleet tracking operates on Intelligent Multi Network Switching (IMNS) sim technology, connecting to over 192 networks globally. The powerful system eliminates the lack of connectivity caused by poor service or dead zones.

How Will GPS Fleet Tracking Help My Company?

The fleet GPS tracking software system offers many strategic solutions that will increase your company’s efficiency and enhance its performance.

  • Keep Track of Your Assets – Knowing where your vehicles, equipment, and drivers are at any given moment is challenging at best. Using a tracking system for your fleet will let you know where your assets are located.
  • Control Fuel Consumption and Manage Costs– A tracker can monitor how much fuel is used on certain routes and suggest alternates. It can also track time spent idling and burning fuel.
  • Monitor Driver Behaviour – In addition to tracking things like speeding and reckless driving, a GPS tracker can remind drivers to take rest breaks. Tracking systems also keep precise logs.
  • Track Vehicle Maintenance – The software can automatically track maintenance to keep your fleet in excellent running order.
  • Provide Reliable Communication – Because of the advanced IMNS technology, your fleet is never out of reach. You can keep customers apprised about deliveries or when service people will arrive without guessing. This helps improve your customer service as well.

What are the Best QuikTrak Plans for Fleet Management?

QuikTrak has several software options for asset management and offers several customisable service plans. When it comes to fleet GPS tracking software, clients get the best results when using the Track service plan or the Watch service plan. Both plans offer enhanced features to help you with fleet vehicle tracking, including,

  • Compliance Reporting
  • Idle Logs
  • Driver records
  • Speeding
  • Route Playback
  • Service Reminder

How Can I Customise My Fleet Management Software?

Contact one of QuikTrak’s experts to explain your needs and arrange the plan that will be the best for your fleet tracking. With over 20 years of experience in GPS fleet tracking, QuikTrak will find the solution to your asset management needs.

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