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Motorbikes have a range of benefits and are increasing in popularity whether it be on the road or on a trail due to their low running costs and the enjoyment they bring to the rider. Motorbikes are also a desirable target for thieves due to their size and often lack of security features. You can protect your motorbike with several security options; however, a GPS tracking device is arguably the most beneficial.

QuikTrak GPS solutions can provide a range of benefit outside of instant alerts and the ability to locate your motorbike in the event it’s stolen, such as maintenance scheduling, route playback and alarm records.

How a Motorbike GPS Works

The QuikTrak GPS tracking solutions utilises a range of technologies to seamlessly integrate with your motorbike whilst providing a high level of functionality and asset protection.

Once the solution is fitted to your motorbike either by hardwired installation or secured in place for our battery powered portable systems, the unit is activated on your desired plan and the system is then ready to be used.

Your QuikTrak GPS tracking device utilises satellites to co-ordinate its position, speed and other movement data which is then sent via any available mobile network to our secure servers, to be analysed and stored to provide real-time alerts and operational information as well as historical reporting and data analytics. All QuikTrak users can access their assets live and historical information via the smartphone app and web interface.

Once you park your motorbike and walk away from it, the QuikTrak solution becomes your eyes and ears to ensure it is protected. In the event the motorbike is moved or tampered with, you will receive instant notification/s to allow for a fast response to help prevent and/or recover your motorbike as quickly as possible.

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Service Plans Best Suited for Motorbikes

QuikTrak provides easy-to-use service plans to safeguard your motorbike. With features such as live location, route assistance and maintenance alerts, you can rely on our tracking system no matter where the road takes you.

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A motorbike service plan with 10 minute updates while in use and hourly updates on standby with alarms for owners who don’t require live tracking. Loc8 also includes ignition on/off notifications, service logs, and customisable offline alerts after periods of inactivity.

You also receive assistance in recovering your stolen motorbike, notifications of low battery, and additional information on demand.

All Loc8 features are accessed through our smartphone app and website.

Track plan


Our most comprehensive service plan for all your tracking needs. Your personal motorbike or company fleet of bike assets will have complete coverage 24/7 with advanced tracking solutions and in-depth monitoring and reports.

Track plan provides driver speed and records, idle logs, service reminders, geofencing, fringe benefit tax and more.

Rest assured your motorbike is secure even when you are not around.

Why Choose QuikTrak

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QuikTrak are market leaders at the forefront of technology that drives our industry. We have years of experience perfecting our motorbike GPS tracker, and our results speak for themselves given our 97 per cent recovery rate. We pride ourselves on solutions that are designed to meet the needs of motorbike owners who want to keep track of their vehicle at all times.’

Our systems operate on Intelligent Multi Network Switching (IMNS) sim technology, providing access to 3G and 4G networks. By using IMNS in our trackers, we can work on 192 different networks worldwide, providing the best possible coverage for your gear.

At QuikTrak, we work hard to protect your assets every single day.

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We understand that choosing your service plan can seem complicated and even confusing. However, avoid the temptation of giving up and choosing the first one on the list. Instead, reach out to us at QuikTrak. Speaking with our team of professionals can answer your questions. We also provide expert insight into which service plan would be the best choice for your business.

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