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As Australia’s premier GPS tracking supplier, QuikTrak has everything you need to manage your fleet, enhance security, and successfully recover assets. QuikTrak’s experts provide unparalleled customer service, customisable plans and user-friendly smartphone apps to make asset management and tracking easy and efficient.

QuikTrak’s experts provide unparalleled customer service, customisable plans and user-friendly smartphone apps to make asset management and tracking easy and efficient.
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Benefits of Fleet Management Tracking and Software
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About Us

QuikTrak is an innovative leader in fleet management, security, asset recovery, and GPS tracking. For over two decades, QuikTrak has built a reputation of being the best in the business by understanding clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations.

By creating and improving tracking and security products that are fully customisable, QuikTrak excels at meeting customer needs. We have products applicable to different types of vehicles & other assets.

QuikTrak devices utilise Intelligent Multi Network Switching (IMNS) sim technology. The tech allows for both national and international coverage on all our systems.

Our Services

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

QuikTrak’s intelligent fleet management tracking solutions enable businesses to reduce fuel consumption and costs, ensure real-time location updates, send emergency alerts, reports on vehicle maintenance and driver behaviour.

GPS Car Tracking

GPS Car Tracking

Secure your car with QuikTrak’s GPS tracker and software and keep tabs on your assets with real-time notifications of crashes, driver speed, idle logs, geofencing, advanced tracking solutions and in-depth reporting.

GPS motorbike tracking

GPS Motorbike Tracking

Our reliable GPS tracking device can protect your motorbike by installing a tracker that will notify you if it’s been unlawfully moved or stolen, provide service interval reminders and tracking playback.

GPS Boat Tracking

GPS Boat Tracking

Enjoy peace of mind with real time monitoring, location updates and vital signs of boats, yachts, jet skis, and other marine assets. QuikTrak’s GPS boat tracking system can handle multiple inputs such as bilge pump status, battery voltage & shore power connection.

GPS Lone Worker Safety Tracking

GPS Lone Worker Safety Tracking

QuikTrak offers a wearable tracking device that allows lone workers to be safe from potentially hazardous situations in remote locations by sending alerts for assistance and regular check-ins with employers.


QuikTrak Service Plans

Your GPS needs are unique and QuikTrak understands that. By offering a wide range of service plans, the tracking experts allow you to find which services will meet your needs. Service plans increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness; you can focus on the most applicable features and you only pay for what you need.
Protect plan


Our QProtect plan is an entry-level service plan that offers you hourly location updates, alarms, and input options along with peace of mind knowing your asset is secure. QProtect works wonderfully as a personal use tracking and security system. Accessed via our intuitive app on your smartphone, the QProtect service plan is a fast and easy solution.

loc8 icon


If you prefer frequent updates on your assets but do not need live tracking, Loc8 is an effective service for you. This plan offers hourly updates on your fleet to help maintain better connectivity.

Loc8 has several features not available with QProtect such as controls to turn the ignition on/off, servicing logs, auxilary input, engine hours, and customisable reminders and offline alerts.

Track plan


Our most comprehensive option, the Track plan is our total tracking solution for all of your tracking needs. You can rest assured that your business or personal assets have coverage 24/7. This includes location, speed, and alarm tracking information. Additionally, businesses can benefit from using the interval and service reminders as well as the compliance reporting features.

Watch icon


The Watch service plan has the features found on the Track service plan. However, the Watch plan is for the security systems with alarm integration.

With the Watch service plan, you will receive an alert via phone call (in addition to other alerts) if an event triggers the system’s alarm.

Why choose quiktrak

Why Choose QuikTrak?

When you choose to trust QuikTrak with your GPS tracking and asset protection, you are partnering with a top industry innovator with over 20 years of experience in GPS, fleet management, tracking, and security.

Benefit of Quiktrak

Benefits Of QuikTrak?

There are a number of benefits to using QuikTrak GPS to protect your assets including:

  • Save time usually spent searching for various assets as well as employees and cargo and lower operating costs by improving efficiency
  • Improve customer care by pinpointing arrivals of goods or service professionals
  • Reduce operating costs by keeping up with maintenance on your equipment and vehicles
  • Fuel costs will also drop when your assets are maintained on schedule
  • Enhance your staff safety by using GPS trackers with lone workers. Additionally, you can monitor speed, driver fatigue, and unsafe driving habits to keep your workers and vehicles safe
  • Lower insurance costs by using a GPS tracking system
Benefit of Quiktrak
QuikTrak customer support

Security and Support

Choose your preferred type of instant notification: Email or Phone

You can customise your alarm and security options and IMNS SIM Technology provides coverage on 192 networks worldwide so your asset is trackable and not off the grid. A 97 per cent recovery rate that speaks for itself, when you work with QuikTrak, you can be confident that you will have access to cutting-edge technology that will give you peace of mind.