Lone Worker Safety GPS Tracking

Keep Your Workers Safe with GPS Tracking and Monitoring Solutions

Businesses are responsible for ensuring the safety of their employees. This legal duty of care owed by employers can be made more difficult when the employee is working by themselves or working in an isolated location. It is necessary to ensure that employees have a reliable way of contacting help at regular intervals, specifically if they find themselves in a potentially dangerous or deadly situation.

QuikTrak provides effective tracking and monitoring solutions for employers and lone workers to stay in contact while on the job.

How QuikTrak’s Lone Worker Tracking Devices Work

Our wearable devices are easy to use and reliable. The QuikTrak device is an easy way for workers to send an alert if they need assistance. You can also customise lone worker tracking devices to require check-ins at various intervals or signal for help if a fall, medical emergency, or accident happens. This feature has the potential to save lives should a worker be unable to signal for help.

The lone worker devices are another way to ensure your employees are safe where they are working. An employee can quickly signal for help and get away from a harmful situation with a lone worker safety device.

Even if your employee is isolated in a remote location, staying in touch will not be an issue.

QuikTrak Lone Worker Safety Tracking Device

Service Plans for Lone Worker Safety

Australian laws dictate that a businesses are responsible for lone workers’ well being and safety on the job. QuikTrak has two effective service plans to help isolated employees and their employers stay in contact. Our team of experts are happy to assist you in choosing the ideal plan that suits your needs.

loc8 icon


Receive hourly updated intervals with alarms for those who don’t require lone worker live location tracking. Loc8 service plan also provides offline alerts, impact notifications, geolock, low battery and power disconnection.

Loc8 provides managers with on demand information for lone worker safety as well as online support and customised reporting.

Loc8 is accessible through QuikTrak’s intuitive smartphone app or website.

Track plan


Our most comprehensive service plan for all your lone worker tracking needs. with regularly scheduled check-ins, panic button and alert notifications for alarm input, power disconnection, geofencing, route playbacks and more.

Our Track Plan has enhanced customisable integrations available to protect those working in isolation.

Keep in contact with your lone workers regularly and know they are always safe.

Why Choose QuikTrak?

QuikTrak Lone Worker Safety Tracking Device

QuikTrak has been an industry leader in technology and logistics for over 20 years, developing cutting-edge software, hardware, and tracking devices to simplify asset management.

Devices such as personal GPS and lone worker tracking devices are tailored to meet businesses’ needs. QuikTrak has complete tracking solutions available, whether your worker needs a panic button or a regularly scheduled check-in.

Operating in 23 countries has given QuikTrak a broad view of what lone worker devices need to accomplish. The expert developers at QuikTrak focus on your employees’ safety and the ability to stay in touch no matter where a lone employee is working.

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