What is Fleet Management Tracking?

Fleet tracking uses global positioning systems (GPS) along with fleet management software and vehicle tracking devices to track the location and data of company assets and collects large amounts of data regarding the driver’s behaviour, vehicle performance, speed, and other valuable insights, making it useful for business owners, fleet managers and dispatchers to make strategic decisions on company operations.

Why Do I Need Fleet Tracking?

If your business depends on a fleet of vehicles such as trucks, heavy machinery, trailers, vans and other equipment or assets, then clear and concise communication is important for successful management of transport, productivity and worker safety.

Fleet management tracking solutions can ensure your business runs efficiently and effectively.

Benefits of Fleet Management Tracking and Software

  • Know the location of your assets in real-time
  • Receive emergency information immediately
  • Get reports about vehicle maintenance
  • Automate compliance
  • Get notifications about driver behaviour
  • Reduce fuel consumption and lower your fuel costs.
Benefits of Fleet Management Tracking and Software

How the Fleet Management System Works

How the Fleet Management System Works

Fleet GPS tracking uses satellites and mobile networks to communicate vehicle tracking and other information to asset management software, which then transmits this important data to the business owner or fleet manager. The data arrives in customised forms such as maps, charts and graphs depending on the chosen information displayed.

There are two main kinds of GPS tracking systems, active and passive.

  • Active GPS fleet tracking: Uses a constant connection to process and send data in real-time to actively track every movement of your fleet.
  • Passive GPS fleet tracking: Systems store data at set intervals. Often the data storage is triggered by a specific event such as reaching a destination or starting an engine.

The fleet tracker also is valuable as a theft deterrent. Notifications can go out to computers and mobile devices, alerting owners and managers that the asset is moving.

Service Plans for Fleet Management Tracking

In combination with one of QuikTrak’s flexible service plans, your business can improve efficiency and safety for your fleet with our market leading fleet management products and software.

Track plan


Our most comprehensive service plan for all your tracking needs. You can be sure that your business or commercial fleet will have 24/7 coverage with advanced tracking solutions and in-depth monitoring and reports.

Track plan provides driver speed and records, idle logs, service reminders, geofencing and fringe benefit tax.

Your company assets will always be secure and safe with our Track plan. 

loc8 icon


If your company prefers frequent updates on assets but does not need live tracking, Loc8 is a great solution for those requirements. With hourly updated intervals and alarms on your fleet to provide high quality connectivity.

Additionally, Loc8 provides service logs, and customisable offline alerts if there has been no data in 24, 48, or 72 hours. 

Loc8 also offers useful service reminders to keep your fleet maintained.

Why Choose QuikTrak?

At QuikTrak, we are industry leaders in fleet management. Our aim is to understand that each company has different needs and expectations. We ensure your fleet has the most impactful solutions while adding a level of security, control and convenience that maximises overall productivity.

We use the sophisticated Intelligent Multi Network Switching (IMNS) sim technology which is second to none. QuikTrak works on 192 different networks globally, meaning your fleet is trackable anywhere in the world.

We take pride in being on the cutting edge of fleet tracking technology and are constantly innovating to create the best fleet trackers possible. Always know where your assets are with QuikTrak.

Why Choose QuikTrak

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