GPS Tracking for Electric Scooters

Protect Your Scooter With a GPS Tracker

Electric scooters are immensely popular, as well as beneficial for many purposes. Ride-on varieties are frequently used by people with mobility problems; other models are great for riding around town for fun. However you use your scooter, it’s an asset you’ll want to make sure is protected at all times.

Scooters can be stolen almost in the blink of an eye, which is why using a GPS tracker on your scooter is a great solution. This will enable you and the authorities to track down your scooter quickly and easily.

Another advantage of an electric scooter tracker is that its battery can be recharged at scheduled intervals. This eliminates the chance of running out of power, should you use the scooter in an unfamiliar location. If you become lost or are looking for a specific location, the GPS system can be immensely helpful.

How Does a GPS Tracker for Scooters Work?

The GPS tracker for your electric scooter operates by using a combination of satellite and mobile network technology combined with the chosen hardware and QuikTrak user interface. The chosen hardware of your electric scooter GPS tracker collects data such as time, date, and coordinates of the asset and sends these to our secured servers, which is then accessible via the smartphone app or web interface.

QuikTrak’s software allows you to customise which specific details you would like tracked, such as scooter location or level of charge. The tracker system provides updates and translates data into easy-to-understand reports you can see on your computer or mobile device with our smartphone app.

You have several choices regarding your electric scooter GPS device with QuikTrak, contact our team to find out which solution is best for your needs.

Quiktrak GPS tracking electric scooters

Recommended Service Plans for Electric Scooter Tracking

A GPS tracker for electric scooters is becoming a very important asset for personal and business use. QuikTrak’s service plans for scooters are designed for high-performance security and solutions that are customisable and simple to use, making sure your scooter doesn’t run out of power and is always protected.

Protect plan


Our well-rounded QProtect plan provides hourly location updates, alarms, and power disconnection.

Ideal for individuals or small businesses needing to protect their electric scooters.

Receive assistance in reporting a stolen scooter, crash notifications, and access to anytime reports.

All features are accessible through our intuitive smartphone app.

loc8 icon


If you require frequent updates on your electric scooter but do not need live location alerts, then our Loc8 service plan will suit you needs, providing 10 minute updates when in use and hourly updates on standby.

Receive in-app alert notifications and information on demand along with theft recovery reporting and assistance.

Loc8 features are accessible through our intuitive smartphone app and website.

Why Choose QuikTrak?

Quiktrak GPS tracking solutions customer service

We have specialised in GPS tracking, security, and recovery solutions for over 20 years. As an industry leader, we continuously work to improve our technology and enhance industry development by staying at the forefront of industry development. Our priority is making sure your GPS tracking system runs on only the best technology.

We ensure that your scooter GPS is trackable at any place in the world. Because we use Intelligent Multi Network Switching (IMNS) sim technology, QuikTrak systems operate on 192 3G and 4G networks.

At QuikTrak, we are proud to offer our customers the best asset management software systems available, and we stand behind our products.

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We understand that choosing your service plan can seem complicated and even confusing. However, avoid the temptation of giving up and choosing the first one on the list. Instead, reach out to us at QuikTrak. Speaking with our team of professionals can answer your questions. We also provide expert insight into which service plan would be the best choice for your business.

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