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Few things compare to a day on the water. Whether you own a boat, yacht or jet ski, you understand the near-universal appeal. Protecting your marine assets from being stolen with reliable tracking is something every boat owner should consider, avoiding the risk of theft but also the ability to remotely monitor your boat’s vitals such as battery level, shore power and bilge pump.

QuikTrak offers GPS tracking solutions with cutting edge technology created with watercraft in mind because we understand the importance of boat security, keeping track of your assets location and safety measures when you are out on the water. Our GPS tracking system is designed not just for boats, they can track yachts, jet skis, pontoons, and trailer boat trackers and more.

Benefits of Boat Security with GPS Tracking

GPS tracking provides essential protection for your boat, jet ski, yacht and other marine assets. QuikTrak’s clients rely on our leading satellite technology and corresponding products and software, as they appreciate the value of knowing where their boat is, what activities it is undertaking and when it’s time for a maintenance check.

  • Security: This is usually at the top of the list of reasons to have a GPS tracker on a boat.
  • Remote Vessel Monitoring: Enjoy peace of mind with real time monitoring of vessel location and vital signs. Our products handle multiple inputs such as bilge pump status, battery voltage & shore power connection.
  • Location Tracking: Complete control over the movements, locations, and events that occur on their marine assets with live location updates.
  • Service Reminders: Reporting on engine hours and usage logs, which can be used to remind you when your boat is due for a service.
  • Insurance Costs: Many insurance companies offer reduced rates for businesses that have installed tracking devices.
Boat GPS tracking app software - Quiktrak

Service Plans Recommended for Boats

QuikTrak offers fully customisable plans for boats that include instant notifications for events such as power outage, theft alarms, bilge pump use and route optimisation. Our premium marine asset products are designed so you are aware of any event that occurs with your boat.

Track plan


Our most comprehensive service plan for all your tracking needs. You can be sure that your personal boat, jet ski or business marine assets will have complete coverage  24/7 with advanced tracking solutions, offline alerts and in-depth monitoring and reports.

Track plan provides 10-60 second update intervals for speed, idle logs, obdii records, service reminders, geofencing, and compliance reporting.

Your marine assets will always be guarded even if you are not nearby.

loc8 icon


Receive hourly updated intervals with alarms for those who don’t need frequent live location tracking on their boat or marine assets. Loc8 service plan also provides offline alerts, impact or crash notifications, geolock, low battery and power disconnection. 

Loc8 provides our customers with online support, assistance in reporting theft, service interval reminders and on demand information for boat security.

Loc8 is accessible through QuikTrak’s intuitive smartphone app or website.

How the Boat Security GPS Works

The QuikTrak marine GPS tracking solutions for your boat operates by combining the use of satellite and mobile network connectivity within the chosen hardware to provide a range of real-time alerts and historical reporting.

QuikTrak products on a boat

The chosen hardware can report information ranging from simple location updates, bilge pump, shore power status and battery voltage. The QuikTrak software and smartphone app allows you to customise the data you see and monitor your asset when and how you want through a constant connection to the vessel, whether that be for monitoring of engine hours or even out of bounds usage.

QuikTrak has a range of solutions that can be utilised in the marine environment, and the information provided will vary based on their installation method. Whilst hardwired solutions will provide a more secure fitment and provide more information, our portable range of products is also a great choice for a range of applications including trailer boats and even engines!

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