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The Ultimate Car Tracking Solution

Whether you are looking to track and/or secure your daily driver, high performance sports car or classic vehicle a Quiktrak GPS solution provides instant connectivity which is the key to protecting your asset and securing peace of mind.

Connectivity is important to all of us, Quiktrak’s solutions allow for instant connectivity to your asset, via the smartphone app and web interface, to check its location, receive alarms and even keep on top of your servicing and maintenance.

Key Features

In addition to location your assets, a GPS tracking system can improve your business in numerous ways securing peace of mind.

Instant alerts and alarm notifications

Location and status updates

Smartphone and web interface access

Theft recovery assistance

Historical data and reporting

Recommended Service Plans for Cars

QuikTrak offers service plans for the convenience and security of personal car owners and for business owners who need to monitor, report, and manage their company cars effectively.

Track plan


Our most comprehensive service plan for all your tracking needs. You can be sure that your personal or company car will have complete coverage  24/7 with advanced tracking solutions and in-depth monitoring and reports.

Track plan provides driver speed and records, idle logs, service reminders, geofencing and fringe benefit tax.

The safe and secure way to guard your cars from anywhere in the world.

Watch icon


The Watch service plan has the features found on the Tracker service plan. However, the Watch plan is for the security systems with alarm integration. With the Watch service plan, you will receive an alert via phone call (in addition to other alerts) if an event triggers the system’s alarm.

How the GPS Tracking System Works

Your GPS tracker works by combining the use of satellites, mobile telephone networks, hardware and software technologies to provide a seamless client experience.

After a simple installation, technology does the rest.

QuikTrak utilises an intelligent sim technology that allows the GPS trackers to communicate their time, date and locational data and information in real-time via all three network operators in Australia (Telstra, Optus and Vodafone) ensuring maximised coverage.

Our easy-to-use QuikTrak Pro GPS tracking app or web interface provides detailed information and reporting for clients. You can access targeted information and reports such as real-time vehicle activity, location and driver behaviours, and full historical reporting.


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You have several choices regarding the GPS tracking device for cars and other assets. Hardwired trackers typically need professional installation and are generally hidden behind the dashboard.

Battery-powered systems work when placed inside or outside the vehicle, and plug-ins are usually plugged into an OBD port.

Depending on your make and model, you may have other placement options. Contact QuikTrak today for more details.

Why Choose QuikTrak?

QuikTrak gps tracking hardware products in car

We have specialised in GPS tracking, fleet management, security, and recovery solutions for over two decades.

As an industry leader, we understand the unique nature of all companies, and our experts create the best way to customise the fleet management equipment that will be most impactful for businesses of all sizes.

We are constantly working to improve our technology by staying on top of industry developments. We are innovators in our field, striving to find ways to make our GPS tracking system better, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best products possible.

We operate on Intelligent Multi Network Switching (IMNS) sim technology. This tech allows QuikTrak to work on 192 different networks globally. This means your assets are trackable anywhere in the world.

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We understand that choosing your service plan can seem complicated and even confusing. However, avoid the temptation of giving up and choosing the first one on the list. Instead, reach out to us at QuikTrak. Speaking with our team of professionals can answer your questions. We also provide expert insight into which service plan would be the best choice for your business.

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