Frequently Asked Questions

QuikTrak uses GPS/GSM and GPS/GSM/IRIDIUM solutions to provide asset tracking and security solutions. The QuikTrak solutions provide data to the servers to provide real-time information either on demand or as a data stream to be utilised by our clients for reports, asset locations and even API integration.

Your GPS tracking operates on its own application developed by QuikTrak. You do not need to be concerned about GPS signals interfering with other technology such as cell phones or navigation apps.

QuikTrak GPS is quite customisable. Whether your fleet consists of five or 500 vehicles, our experts can work with you to create a plan that covers your assets most cost-effectively. Because our tracking is made with flexibility in mind, you can choose the monitoring that works best for your fleet.
QuikTrak wants to provide customers with the protection and services that they need at a fair price. To do this, we have flexible staggered service plans based on your data needs. Visit our service plans page to explore our standard options

Flexibility and ease of access is important to our clients and staff, as such QuikTrak users are able to access their accounts and services from our website, or smartphone apps should you be out and about.

If one of your assets has been stolen, notify the local police to obtain an event number. If you are on the TRACK or WATCH plan you are able to provide the police with the updated location. Once an event number is obtained use the REPORT THEFT tab, at which time our Qprotect and Loc8 plans will be turned to live tracking to assist with recovery. There is no additional cost for this support.
While each insurance provider has its policies and procedures, our customers generally experience an insurance rate reduction. Contact your insurance provider to find out the details of your plan.
Tracking systems are either battery operated or hardwired to your vehicle for power. Battery operated units are easy to install, but the downside is if a thief discovers the unit, it can be removed and discarded. This will make the recovery of your asset difficult. If you choose a battery unit, be sure to place it out of sight. While a hardwired tracker is to install, it is much harder to remove and in that respect, enhances your overall protection.
The GPS tracking system adapts for either business or personal use. Our experts can work with you to help you choose the best solutions for your needs.
The GPS trackers that clients use to ensure the safety of lone workers are easily adapted for an elderly family member, a child, or even a family pet. You can customise alerts to inform you of accidents and set regular check-in intervals, so you know all is well. In the event that a vulnerable party does wander away, finding them and bringing them to safety is faster and easier than looking for someone on their own with no GPS unit.
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